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Customization is an easy and cost-effective way to promote your business or organization. On orders of 1,000 copies or more, we can add your logo and contact information to any of our healthy homes booklets. And on orders of 5,000 or more, customization is free! Customization Information If you’re placing a customized order with PES Group, following these guidelines will ensure attractive, error-free final products. Text Please submit all text in a Microsoft Word document. Charts, tables and graphs should be submitted, when possible, in Microsoft Excel. Logos The ideal format for logos is a vector-based file in any of the following formats: pdf, eps or ai. If that is not possible, we can work with the following raster-based formats: psd, tif, png or jpg. When using these formats, make sure that the logo is submitted with a resolution of 300dpi at the size it will be printed. Images All images must conform to the requirements listed in the logo section above. In addition, all images must be released by the photographer and/or illustrator and by any owners of any property featured in the images. Project Energy Savers will not accept responsibility for verifying the contractual status of images submitted.